Will the Screenplay for “Nebraska” Win Awards and Help First-Time Screen Writers?

It’s rare when writers who write a first-time screenplay for the indie market find such success as much as Bob Nelson has with his “Nebraska.” His film is a prime example of how screenwriting for the indie market can still get away with coloring (or black and whiting) outside the lines and still manage to get noticed. That’s always been the beauty of the indie film industry and a true respite for screenwriters who want to write creatively. As mainstream scripts become increasingly formulaic, the indie film market is turning more into a haven for writers who desperately want to impart more creativity.

Now that Bob Nelson is up for an Independent Spirit Award for “Nebraska”, the chances of a win there and elsewhere are more than good. Considering the raves for the film even into mainstream circles, what will it do to inspire more first-time screenplay writers looking to tap the indie market?
Can a First-Time Indie Writer Make it Based on Talent Alone?
The challenge of getting an indie script read so it gets noticed is one that has odds as great as the lottery in the mainstream film industry. In the world of indies, it’s still arguable on whether it’s easier or not. When you consider that Bob Nelson above worked at Pixar Animation as a writer-in-residence and had a long history in TV beforehand, it’s clear industry connections still make a difference in the indie film world.
What about the first-time indie screenwriter who doesn’t have any of the connections Nelson had? In the realm of crowd funding, it’s changing the philosophy on whether a first-time indie screenwriter can get their screenplay noticed. With a real hunger for good scripts, promoting an indie screenplay on a crowd sourcing site can potentially get a first-timer noticed without having to worry about how many big names he or she knows.
It’s possible that if Bob Nelson had no industry connections, his “Nebraska” screenplay would have still been discovered had he sought crowd funding. When you write an original story that resonates and you pitch it online, it’s going to be noticed in the right venues. There may be a secret hunger for truly creative scripts again that could help first-time screenwriters have their projects considered rather than passed off due to lack of networking.
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We hope that when Bob Nelson wins for “Nebraska”, it’s going to inspire more first-time indie screenwriters to put their projects out there and to us. Perhaps those writers can finally avoid procrastinating just because they don’t know someone who knows someone else who knows someone else influential.
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