Why Are Indie Films So Creative?

Whether or not you like indie films, you’ll probably agree that a lot of them are pretty unique. Indie films can be strange and off the beaten path—which can make for an amazing production if done correctly. But why is this? What exactly makes indie films lean towards creativity and fresh outlooks on life?

Creative Freedom

Indie films don’t have to follow the Hollywood action movie formula that’s designed to please the majority of movie-goers. Directors of indie films have more creative freedom, so they can carry out plot decisions as they desire, rather than having a higher up tell them that a major element in the movie is unmarketable. There’s less pressure to conform, so the director’s quirky vision gets carried out in full.

Dedication and Passion

Indie films are anticipated to be smaller productions with fewer fans. If an indie film explodes in popularity, that’s awesome—but its producers aren’t expecting that level of success. People who work on indie films don’t do it for the money, they work because they’re passionate. This dedication compels them to stick to what they think will make a good production, instead of just trying to do what the big movies are doing.

Limitation Enhances Creativity

If you present the human mind with a challenge, it will rise to it. The best way to bring out a person’s creativity is by limiting them. When the brain has fewer tools and less to work with, it has to come up with creative new solutions to the challenge it is facing. Indie films have this advantage going for them. And while they may be limited in budget, have to restrict scene locations and special effects, and have to keep the script short to conserve funds—it ends up almost paradoxically improving the film. This will also force indie films to be extremely character-based and have great writing in order to overcome the lack of scenery and equipment.

Indie films have factors going for them that aid in creativity. Limiting a film and being passionate won’t automatically make a film great, however. All films require creativity and elements of great movie design in order to reach people. Great lighting, a well-written plot and script, and convincing actors are all needed to produce a good film, be it an indie film or the next blockbuster. Do you dream of starting your own indie film? Visit indieFilmFunding.com and let us help you get started on your masterpiece!

Thank you,

Edward Panos