Which New Indie Actress Will Become the Biggest Star in Years Ahead?

The indie film world is already building a list of excellent actresses that could make them the next indie superstars within the next few years. With independent film shaping up to be the sole place lately for real Oscar potential, these actresses may be seen at the Oscar podium more often in the future. They may also be the rare example of keeping one foot mostly in the indie film world so they can keep doing quality projects and enjoying Oscar nominations.

Brie Larson

This actress has already been oddly overlooked in the recent and excellent indie film “Short Term 12.” Despite Oscar’s egregious snub of that film and Larson’s emotional performance in it, she could be the true queen of indie films before long. Despite being mostly known for her TV work prior, she’s suddenly tapped into being one of the greatest dramatic actresses of her generation. Regardless, she’s also known for comedy, and she has a comedic lead coming up in the film “Basmati Blues.” The plot is about as indie as it gets, which gives indication she prefers making films there.

Lupita Nyong’o

This brilliant new actress of Kenyan descent has become an instant superstar with her performance in “12 Years a Slave.” With the aforementioned film the ultimate in the power of what indie film can do, Nyong’o is also the epitome of indie actresses who are too good for the mainstream Hollywood system. While she’s appearing in the mainstream “Non-Stop” with Liam Neeson, we can only hope she’ll stick with the indie system and keep making films on the caliber of “12 Years.” With a likely win for Best Supporting Actress at the Oscars for her “12 Years” role as Patsey, let’s hope for future quality lead roles that aren’t in wasted mainstream efforts.

Imogen Poots

It may be appropriate that all these indie film actresses have unique names, because the films they’ve appeared in stand alone from anything else being made. Poots is British and has already made some interesting indie films, most recently in the romantic comedy “That Awkward Moment” with Zac Efron. While she started out in the zombie flick “28 Weeks Later” seven years ago, she’s since moved away from the mainstream and looks to appear in various indie films this year alone. She’ll soon start working with the king of indie film: Terrence Malick. Larson is part of his upcoming and intriguing “Knight of Cups.”

With these actresses making up an indie triumvirate, indie film continues to look stronger all the time with the acting talent. More actresses like them are likely down the line, and they may get their start in your own indie production.

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