Where Does Your Indie Film Budget Go?

You’re starting an indie film, and while you have a little bit of money, you need to spend wisely in order to see a good return on it. Let’s look at some mandatory aspects of indie film production that you’re going to need to include in your budget.

Good Camera

Obviously you’ll need a camera to film, but make sure you don’t go for the cheapest thing. The camera you invest in should be able to film in at least 1080p quality, and you’ll need to have enough digital storage capability for filming. Digital storage can also be solved by having a portable hard drive that you bring and plug into your camera. Don’t forget the tripod unless you want your film to look like a shaky home movie.

Shotgun Microphone

Having a shotgun microphone, or directional microphone, can help improve the sound quality of your film. You may also want to find other audio equipment. Experiment and research to find the best solution to suit your film based on your specific audio requirements. But make sure that whatever else you buy is compatible with your current equipment.


Since you’re on a budget, your director will have to multitask a lot. The more talented and experienced a director you can get, the better off you’ll be. Your director will keep the film on track and make sure everyone is staying withing budget and on task. You can also give the director cameraman roles and combine the duties of a producer into their job as well.


Another obvious thing you’ll need to do is hire actors. Determine how many actors you need for your film and work on getting them at reasonable prices. Try not to get more than 6 actors for the sake of your budget. If you have any other ways of paying them, offer those services, like building a website for them. Utilize your skills to save if possible.

Try to build up a respectable budget before you start your indie production, this will give you more leverage and choices for your film. If you need funding for your indie movie, contact us at indieFilmFunding.com. We’d love to help you out!

Thank you,

Edward Panos