What is the Underexposed Film Festival? Celebrating the Value of Short Indie Films

The world has so many film festivals now that some can be a surprise when you hear about them for the first time. And some of those are bringing ideas that can help nurture important aspects to filmmaking not all film festivals focus on. One of those is a small festival in York County, South Carolina called the Underexposed Film Festival. Here, the short indie film is the focus as a point of showing how important this format is to the budding filmmaker and film in general.

That philosophy comes through the festival’s director, Karen Collins, who has extensive credits of her own in various well-known films. She’s quoted on the festival’s website as saying the short indie film is often one of the purest forms of filmmaking available today. That’s because you can convey more daring ideas not always possible in a feature-length indie. It also helps bring compelling ideas in succinct form so you can avoid trying to fill out two hours or capturing those with short attention spans.

Taking this state of mind at the Underexposed Film Festival, it’s well worth considering since they take submissions from any unknown. With some of their past short film winners going on to do well at Sundance and other well-known festivals, it has the clout to attract more attention. But when should you submit to them so you’ll make the deadline before the next festival takes place?

Entries and Submission Deadlines

This festival has six different short film entry categories you can enter, albeit a film that runs no more than 45 minutes in length. They take standard narratives, animation, experimental, documentaries, films with female directors, and films made by students. Unfortunately, entries aren’t free, though it doesn’t cost a fortune as it usually does in the more prestigious festivals.

In April of this year, you can do an earlybird submission by mail for only $25, or $20 for students. The next time to submit will be in May and June, though June is considered to be a late entry. You’ll have to pay $40 to get it in before the June 20 deadline. They also provide a way to submit online through a sub site called withoutabox.com. You can save a little money going this route for the earlybird submissions, though you’ll pay $45 for a last-chance submission before July 18.

The festival itself is held from November 13-15 at the Community Performance Center in Rock Hill, South Carolina. However, you’ll be notified whether your short film will be screened by August 22.

The Short Film Influence

Will we start to see more indie film festivals catering more to short indie films in the future? Many already offer them on the side, though usually get short shrift to the feature films. With the value of short films starting to grow thanks to easier distribution on the Internet, it may be in for a major renaissance very soon to stave off complaints of overlong running times.

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