What Is a Script?

A script is an outline, depicting the visual, aural, and behavioral elements of a story. A script is loose, with room for creative collaboration. There are many artists involved in the completion of a film including the director, cast, editor, and production crew. Each with their own interpretation and spin to put on the final out come. When a script is put into action the writer may or may not be involved in the process. Additional writers may also be brought in, and re-writes will most likely occur.

With so many parties are involved and to contain the fluidity of the film process; All scripts should conform to industry standards as far as layout, margins, and notations are concerned. Film is a visual medium, so writers will want to show not tell the audience what is going on. By utilizing the senses, a writer has the ability to bring a story to life. So write the sites, sounds, and speeches, and then let the filmmakers bring it to life.

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