What Defines an Executive Producer in an Independent Film?

The role of executive producer in independent film might be considered a little different than it would be in the world of major studio productions. Or are they really all that far apart from one another? When you see the exact definition of an executive producer, you start to notice how they can play musical chairs going from one role to the other.

If you’re considering using the executive producer label on yourself while making an indie film, what will your duties ultimately be? In the world of indie film, you may be several things at once.

The Basic Role of Executive Producer

For the most part, an executive producer is the person who oversees every aspect of a production, from making the money on to hiring the crew. If you’re creating an independent film, being able to handle every aspect of the production on your own is much more manageable when you have a workable budget. It’s all a matter of hiring the proper people to get your project realized. And the quality of these people is going to make a significant difference in how well the film succeeds.

Being an executive producer, raising money is going to be paramount since no one else will. Then again, it depends on how you define this particular role. It doesn’t have to be set in stone that you’re the only source behind bringing in the cash.

The Different Roles of Executive Producers

You can still use the executive producer designation while putting up only part of the bankroll on a film project. The rest can come from other backers, including through the crowd funding concept. Yes, it’s not uncommon now for names of those who put up the money on crowd funding sites to sometimes get their names mentioned in indie film credits for contributing toward the film. You may want to do the same as a thanks to those who gave you funding to help you finish your film.

In many cases, more than one executive producer can be involved in an indie film. For those scenarios, it can mean a more powerful team in getting things done faster as well as more hustle in raising money. It can also mean that each producer has a specific skill set they can apply toward making the project come to full realization. This sometimes happens in mainstream films where someone gets executive producing credit for merely adding one particular skill that helped bring an essential missing piece.

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