View Our Premiere Film “Big Finish” as a Rally for Crowdfunding and Distribution


The world of independent film still faces the perpetual problem of distribution, despite a huge indie film renaissance recently. When the idea for Indie Film Funding, Inc. started, we wanted to encourage indie filmmakers to have more control over their projects after seeking crowfunding on our site. We think we’re doing that successfully, and that includes giving the opportunity for certain films to get an audience they truly deserve. It’s one reason why we’re choosing specific films to have their premieres directly on our site so those who truly love indie film can see them.

Our very first premiere is a film called “Big Finish”, which anyone who appreciates the greatest movie and TV comedy legends of all time will love. In some ways, you could call it the “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World” of today. The only difference is that there’s no treasure hunt, even though it’s a cavalcade of the most legendary comedians who are still with us. Thankfully, many more of them are still with us than you think. Only the great Jonathan Winters passed away after completing this film.

Written by legendary writer Rudy De Luca, the plot revolves around a retirement facility that’s being threatened by a real estate mogul. The mogul wants to tear down the facility and put a casino in its place. As you might guess, this doesn’t sit well with the residents, all of whom are played by the comedic greats you grew up with in movies and TV. Their characters rally and put on the comedy show of their lives in order to save their beloved facility they’ve lived in for years.

While you might hate to think that some of your favorite comedians are old enough to live in a retirement facility, none of them do in real life. Many of them are still quite active and are very funny in this film. This includes Jerry Lewis, Bob Newhart, Tim Conway, Debbie Reynolds, and Mary Tyler Moore as just some.

It’s a film we’re very proud to feature here on Indie Film Funding, Inc. And it’s a film that sends a very solid message about crowdfunding, including a bit of a metaphor to it in the film. In order to get something out there, you need to put on the best show you can in order to demonstrate that your project is worthy. At the same time, we’re here to go beyond crowdfunding and give support toward all post-production elements, including distribution.

Feel free to contact us to find out more about watching “The Big Finish” on our site and how we can help you with your own indie film project. We believe every indie film with true talent needs to find funding and an audience. We’ll help guide you toward finding the right audience to help fund you, plus finding the right outlets where the film can actually be seen.

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Edward Panos