U.S.A Film Festival Now Accepting Short Film Submissions

There are many reasons people make short films. Like Short Stories often pack as much intrigue and beauty into a shorter format as longer novels, short films are often just as complicated and beautiful as longer films. In fact, may film makers use short films to experiment with new techniques or ideas, so short films can be more cutting edge than longer format films.

A short film is a great choice for someone who is new to film making because they often have much lower budgets, and a quality short film that gets public attention can launch a film career. It’s important that directors treat their short films with the same attention and focus they would use on a longer format film.

If you are interested in creating and showcasing a short film, the USA Film Festival is a great choice for submissions. USA Film Festival is a festival exclusively for short films. Winners of the USA Film Festival each year are given consideration for Academy Award selection in the categories of animated short film, documentary short subject and live action short film. The festival takes place in Dallas Texas, and submissions that are chosen to be screened at the festival are awarded with air travel and lodging so that the film creators will be able to be present at the festival to present their film.

The festival takes place in April every year, with film submission deadlines of February 1 for the early deadline and March 1 for the final deadline. The festival encourages early submissions to increase your odds of acceptance.

If you are interested in creating a short film, contact us and find out how our crowd-sourced funding options can help you get started.

Thank you,

Edward Panos