The Sundance Film Festival Expands this Year

The Sundance Film Festival is easily one of the most well known film festivals in the world. Many famous writers, actors and directors got their big break by having their films screened at Sundance. Films that are well received at Sundance often receive wider distribution in theaters and become front runners for major awards like the academy awards.

The popularity of the Sundance film festival in Utah, inspired many other international film festivals in locations far removed from Hollywood. In 2012, Robert Redford, the chairman of the festival expanded the film festival to London. He has screened the Sundance selections in London every year since then, showcasing the best of American film making in an effort to show the rest of the world the diversity of American film.

This year, the Sundance Film Festival expands again, with a screening in Hong Kong in September. The screening will feature eight films from this year’s festival. In the Boston Herald article, “Sundance Film Festival Expanding To Hong Kong” by Dave McNary, the director of the film festival talks about the decision to expand to Hong Kong.

John Cooper, director of the Sundance Film Festival, said, “In our effort to share the best of American independent film with audiences outside the U.S., Hong Kong seemed an excellent location with a rich cinematic history.”

The program will be announced in mid-August followed by the commencement of ticket sales in late August. The series is being supported by the U.S. Consulate General in Hong Kong and Macau.”

Sundance Film Festival is a lofty goal for any film maker, but now you know that if your film is selected to be screened at Sundance, it could receive an international audience with multiple screenings.

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Edward Panos