The People Have Spoken! Crowd Funding is Your Ticket to Making Your Dreams Come True!

Have you ever found yourself getting angry when you look at a list of movies that are coming out in the next year? An endless list of regurgitated themes, comic book characters, or soulless reboots of ideas that have been stale for decades. What is keeping you from telling your stories? Probably just one thing, and one thing only: money. But you probably don’t have a production company to funnel copious amounts of cash towards your idea. As and independent artist, your pockets aren’t that deep. And in time, you might just give up, your ideas sitting on the shelf, your storyboards gathering dust, your scripts a vague memory awaiting the eventuality of fading into obscurity with your next computer upgrade.

Though it seems like the giant studios have a lock on what is produced these days, crowd funding is making it possible for today’s storytellers to get their stories told. Just as independent publishing is making use of the internet to provide a venue for authors to go outside of the norm and avoid the trap of commercialism, film and even television are taking the world wide web by storm. There is no limit to creativity without the restrictions and stipulations that were in place in previous decades. And when it comes to new, inventive, and creative content, people are willing to pay for it.
Crowd funding means that anyone who wants to chip in to see an idea they would like to see take flight can do so. You aren’t looking at just a handful of investors, but an army of them. If it’s a small contribution or something more generous, as an artist, you can appreciate that people will be hungry for what you have to offer. You won’t have the gatekeepers and hoops to jump through to stand in the way of your vision either. You can enjoy carte blanche when it comes to creative license, and not have to cast a producer’s cousin or niece to make sure your dream can happen.
Contact us if you have a dream that needs sharing. If you have a story worth telling. If the only thing keeping you from having your voice heard and your story told is money, there are ways of making that happen. is your next step at taking the next step.