Telluride Film Festival in August Lets You Participate on a Budget


The Telluride film festival is known as one of the major international film festivals. Its small town feel makes it a favorite for film lovers. The 41st annual Telluride Film Festival will kick off on August 29th and last until September 1st.

The Telluride Film Festival offers great opportunities for visitors to participate in the film festival without spending a fortune on passes and accommodations.

The website for the Telluride Film Festival links to reasonably priced campsites for people who want to visit the film festival without spending a lot of money. You can purchase discounted late show passes that allow you to attend the last film at two different theaters each night.

In addition to the discounted passes, there are multiple free events during the Telluride Film Festival including the nightly film screenings in the open air cinema, the noon seminars in Elks park, the “filmmakers of tomorrow” programs, the films at the Backlot and the “conversations” at the courthouse.

With so much free content and the option for economical accommodations, the Telluride Film Festival is a great festival for aspiring film makers to attend. Plus Telluride is such a small town that you’re bound to bump into some industry professionals in town for the festival.

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Edward Panos