Storytellers Show Us Your Stories

No one knows who told the first story or why. Even before humans could paint crude figures on walls, ideas had to be conveyed. A good hunting ground to feed a tribe. Tales to entertain and teach the young, so they could grow up knowing who they were and what was expected of them. Whole histories and bloodlines kept alive in story and song. The storyteller has always had an important place in history because without them, humankind wouldn’t have a history.

The role of the storyteller hasn’t changed that much over the centuries. Today, storytelling, while more entertaining than practical, is still the center of world culture. Everyone has a story inside of them. Doesn’t matter if it’s simple or complex, has heroes or anti-heroes, talks about human struggles, big giants, little folk, or aliens from another world, the story is still there just waiting to be told. A storyteller’s mind, heart, and soul come together to shape and form the world in which their characters live and die. With the available blogging and self-publishing platforms, storytellers can share their adventure with the world at little or no cost.

But what about creating a film based on the story so that a storyteller can share their vision as they see it? The traditional industry method of producing and distributing films is still an elusive dream for most writers. Unless one is born into the industry, it takes time to break in and form the necessary connections to produce even the smallest film. Then that film has to have commercial value and market appeal before it will even be considered for distribution.

That’s where independent film making comes in. Independent film making allows storytellers to create and share their vision without the commercial and political pressure that comes with the industry model. The only thing that the storyteller needs to translate their words into images is money to buy equipment, hire the actors and film crew, add any needed special effects, and show their completed work on the independent film festival circuit.

Raising the necessary funds used to mean asking friends, family, and other people within the local community for support. Crowd-funding takes away the awkwardness and other limitations of that endeavor and gives the storyteller an international reach. Through our unique crowd-funding platform and specific funding process, we are here to empower storytellers all over the world. So contact us today and see how we can help you, the storyteller, find those who are just as passionate about film as you are about your story.

Thank you,

Edward Panos