Short Indie Films: Are They More Marketable for Crowdfunding?

The world of indie feature films may still have shorter running times than mainstream Hollywood epics. But while we live in a time when attention spans are getting shorter, even a 90-minute indie feature can sometimes make a more mainstream viewer squirm in their seat. The only thing that can repair that is when an indie feature captures a viewer in the first few minutes and never lets go.

Yet, what about the short indie film market? As we saw at the Oscars, many short subjects are still being made. Many of them may not get distribution in theaters either, which may bring an assumption that nobody really cares about short films.

The truth is, the Internet is helping them immensely. noted how much people are gravitating to short indie films online because of the desire to find something meaningful in shorter amounts of time. Even as corporate advertising seeks to tell compelling stories through Vine and Instagram videos, a five or 10-minute indie film found online can work the same way.

With that truth in mind, how should you plan to structure your own short film so it works for your intended audience? It could become a new major industry that may find more success in the world of crowdfunding based on demand.

Structuring a Short Indie Film

Your best bet is to make your short film as short as you can possibly make it. Not that you have to make it the length of a Vine video, which is virtually impossible. Then again, you can also learn some lessons from Vine marketing videos and how to set a mood in just a few seconds. In this case, having your short film set in one location is going to be necessary to avoid the extra time it takes to transition to another place.

It’s possible to capture emotion in one place if you have a real story and conflict going on. Very powerful emotional content can take place in just a small room, depending on the circumstances unfolding. Even few props or furniture are necessary if the conflict is entirely through dialogue.

Despite dialogue possibly being the focus, you still want to be visual. Whether that’s just through expressions of the actors or specific items strategically placed around a room, compelling visuals can tell a viewer more than anything said. In fact, try experimenting with just actor expressions to see how much you can convey without a single word uttered.

Just be sure you have a real story in your film. When you set up an interesting situation in the first few seconds or minute, you’ll instantly hook viewers. And when you’re seeking funding for a short film through crowdfunding, you may want to showcase test scenes to show how powerful your short film is.

Will Short Indie Films Become Hot Crowdfunding Sources?

While asking for funding from the public on a feature-length indie can sometimes be challenging, will the short form indie film become much more plentiful? With the Internet offering plenty of audience opportunity, plus short films having much more manageable budgets, they could be the new calling card for crowdfunding sites.

Here at indie Film Funding, Inc., we’re open now to any indie film project seeking funding through the public at large. If you’ve balked at setting up a crowdfunding campaign for a short indie film idea you have, we encourage you to use our site to take it on. It could be a popular new market in the near future that the general public can easier manage monetarily while still supporting indie film.

Contact us if you need any help in how our site works. We’re here to ensure indie film gets the central attention it deserves through the crowdfunding concept.