Producers Run a Festival to Give Indies 15 Minutes of Fame

Ray and Migdalia Etheridge don’t expect to become big names in the film industry, but they’ve been producing what they call “micro-budget” movies for years—films that, in some cases, cost less than $2500 to make. They shoot in their garage, in their living room, in their backyard…because when you’re a producer you produce, whether you have a studio or a location budget or not.

Because they know that there are plenty of other filmmakers working on film projects with modest funds, in 2009 they launched the 15 Minutes of Fame Film Festival, a three-day event in Brevard County, Florida, that showcases short films of all genres. This year’s festival included 40 films from the United States and countries around the world.

With the occasional exception, such as Stuff About Stuff, a 27-minute film by Arkansas directors Bryan Campbell and Bobby Foster, the length of the festival selections tops out at 15 minutes and many of these indies are much, much shorter.

Festival entries are judged, but they’re not rated. Admission is free or nominally priced. The point is to give independent filmmakers a venue to screen their work to the public.

“Film festivals are to independent films what the Academy Awards are to mainstream films,” Ray Etheridge told a local publication in 2011. “We absolutely love the process of making a film, and it’s a thrill to show it to an audience.”

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