What Do You Do When You’re Short of Extras in Your Indie Film?

Making an indie film can frequently mean having cutbacks on production costs due to limited funding and having to rely instead on ingenuity. But anyone who’s had experience making an independent film knows that working with limited budgets helps you think more creatively. Many low-budget indies have been made that turned into cult favorites as a result of using creativity to enhance mood rather than use expensive special effects.
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Will Indie Film Distribution in Russia Be Affected by Their Anti-Profanity Laws?

Indie film distribution is still a major challenge after dealing with funding, and international markets are just as important as domestic ones. While Russia has had a thriving film industry in the years after Communism fell, much of that may be threatened now with the Putin regime ordering a new ban on profanity. No matter how you feel about profanity in movies, there could be a real threat to independent film there, as well as American indies being distributed in Russia.
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Indie Films Released Through VOD: Has “Snowpiercer” Success Set a New Mark for Obscure Indies?

Indie film is arguably having its greatest renaissance in history right now, and the concept of crowd funding has certainly helped that along. It’s allowed numerous indie films with more obscure ideas to finally be seen by the audiences who want to see similar films in theaters. But it’s arguably jump-started other methods of distribution for indie films, like VOD (Video on Demand).
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Will 2014 Be the Best Year Ever for the Success of Obscure Indie Films?

There isn’t a doubt that indie film is in the middle of a major renaissance right now with greater chances of obscure features gaining sizable audiences. That’s thanks to the power of crowd funding and better distribution outlets to capture niche audiences. But is 2014 going to be remembered as the true banner year when more left-field indie films managed to go from making nothing at the box office to finally pulling in the profits many of them deserve?
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