Online Marketing Strategies for Your Indie Film

So you’ve taken that giant leap and completed your first indie film. All it took was pushing, pulling, a lot of mistakes, and little sleep. Through all of the challenges you are finally done. Now how do you get it seen?

With this great creation known as the internet you no longer need major distributors to sell your film. The changes in audience viewing has allowed for the “little man” to experience great success in marketing their films online. Below are steps to bettering your online marketing strategy therefore increasing your audience viewership.

1. Create a film website

Find a hosting site. There are many to choose from including Dreamhost, HostGator, Bluehost, etc. Some are less than $10.00/per month making them affordable for even the lowest of budgets. Along with your hosting site you’ll need to purchase your domain name. This name should be specifically for your film and easy to search. You no longer have to build your website from scratch. Use a CMS or content management system such as Be sure to choose your CMS based off of your personal need and knowledge. A CMS will eliminate any coding and make your site easy to manage. When creating your site be sure that it contains an about page, contact page, a video discussing your movie, include a blog, and a link back to your crowd funding campaign. Last but certainly not least, the number one rule for creating an effective website is to make sure it is user friendly. Now that you have your site you’ll need to market it!

2. SEO or Search Engine Optimization

For those who do not understand the concept of SEO I’ll give a brief description. SEO communicates to search engines such as Google your purpose so they can recommend your website for relevant searches. Keyword selection plays a major part in the success of your SEO plans. You’ll need to choose keywords that make sense, be very specific, and realize that words have multiple meanings. Your keyword strategy should spread through multiple platform promotions like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. There are free keyword searching tool like that can point you in the right direction of choosing effective keywords.

Whether you are using this online marketing strategy or hiring out this particular task for another, it is no doubt that you will need funding. Indie Film Funding can be that source for your campaign needs.

Contact us to see how our crowd funding strategy can be of value to your productions.

Thank you,

Edward Panos