Movies: Go For Sisters

Recently the Los Angeles Times talked with John Sayles about the Indie film “Go For Sisters.” This film is John Sayles 18th feature film. He is the writer and the director. His film “Go For Sisters” opens in Los Angeles November 15, 2013. This film is a must see, does not have an MPAA rating, and has a running time of 2 hours and 3 minutes.

This movie follows a woman searching for her missing son. The parole officer, Bernice, reaches out to a childhood friend, Fontayne. Fontayne is frequently on the wrong side of the law. The search takes these two close to the U.S.-Mexico border and they find they need help. So, they enlist the help of a disgraced former police detective who is losing his sight.
Their travels are filled with tips, threats, and inquiries in shady quarters. The film is filled with whodunit busyness, drugs, guns, kidnappings, and human trafficking. However, even in the midst of this busyness, Sayles’ focus on character is evident as the three leading characters quiet the other busyness of the film.
The L.A. Times says this film, as with most of Sayles’ movies, has the central themes of class, race, power, and corruption. However, they state this movie is not about making a political point, but is more conventional that his other films.
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