Mentorship Opportunities for Talented Indie Film Producers are Starting to Grow

CrowdfundingBeing an indie film producer today is becoming a much more exciting opportunity than it was a number of years ago. With more attention being placed on indie film and the crowd funding process rooted in the mainstream, the chances of an indie film being seen are becoming greater. That means more money made for a producer and the chances of keeping a production company in the black.

A lot of new indie film producers, though, are starting to dip their toe into the vast pond. They may consider themselves entrepreneurs in the truest sense of the word since the opportunities for making money are very real. Regardless, without real-world experience, it can still be a rough road without some industry insight and foresight. One organization in San Francisco is helping put together a new program to educate new indie film producers to gain as much knowledge as soon as possible.

Also, with crowd funding sites being helpful resources, those of us here at can provide some meaningful educational insight for budding film producers.

Getting New Film Producers Educated

The San Francisco Film Society is setting up a new program to help mentor new indie film producers currently working on a narrative feature. Through their program, they’ll provide financing, mentoring, plus industry connections to a lucky few indie film producers to gain a stronger foothold in the field. It’s a fellowship program that can help a producer afford living expenses while living in the Bay Area.

According to reports, the chosen producers will be able to have a cash grant that could go up to as much as $40,000, depending on expense needs. During the program, they’ll have one-on-one meetings with film industry experts to help them learn the ropes. This also includes networking opportunities, which is an essential thing to do when becoming a film producer.

Part of the funding aspect will go toward a trip to Los Angeles to meet with more film industry veterans and help build connections with big names. Plus, the money will also go toward a trip to the Sundance Film Festival to help nurture connections there with those in the industry.

It’s a great program that we like to see in the realm of indie filmmaking. But what can a new film producer learn working through a crowd funding site like us here at

Networking Through Crowd Funding

Here on our site, our goal is to help the creator of a film link up with donators who can help make a film become reality. It’s through this crowd funding concept that’s helped shape millions of filmmaker lives in recent years. Because we focus exclusively on indie film, you don’t have to worry about being lost within a sea of other unrelated projects as you would with Kickstarter or Indiegogo.

It’s here where you can additionally link up with other filmmakers and start a sense of networking. And we try to teach you a sense of marketing and promotion that every young indie film producer needs to learn early. This has to be done in a smart way to reach your key demographics before you even ask for film funding.

While new producer mentoring programs are going to benefit many, realize that it’s only going to help a few and not the thousands if not millions of new producers out there. Sometimes you have to go about things on your own, and we’ll help guide you through in getting your film funded and distributed so you can become a legitimate indie film producer.

Contact us here at so we can tell you more about what we do and how you can get funding started now for your new indie film.

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