Lights, Funding, Action: The Top Five Highest-Grossing Indie Films Of 2013

As we start afresh in 2014, let’s take a look back at what the top-grossing independent films of the previous year were.

According to IndieWire, here are the top five highest-grossing independent films, as of Dec. 17, 2013:
1.) ‘Instructions Not Included’ — $45 million : This Spanish-language comedy about a man who raises his daughter alone, only to have her birth mother reappear six years later, was a major hit with audiences.
2.) ’12 Years A Slave’ — $36 million: If Chiwetel Ejiofor is not nominated for an Academy Award for his tour de force performance as a free black man who is kidnapped and sold into slavery, film critics everywhere will riot in the streets.
3.) ‘Blue Jasmine’ — $33 million:…and the same goes for Cate Blanchett as well. Her turn as an emotionally troubled woman whose life is crumbling around her was, hands down, one of the most exquisite cinematic portrayals of the past decade and possibly the finest of her career.
4. (tie) ‘Mud’ — $22 million: This movie was a bit of an underperformer, considering it starred Matthew McConaughey and Reese Witherspoon.
5. (tie) ‘The Way, Way Back’ — $22 million: This charmer, starring Steve Carrell and Toni Collette, was noted for its richly emotional, poignant storyline. Unlike “Mud,” it actually did a little better than it was expected to.
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