Intriguing Indie Film, The Limbo Kings, is a Wrap in Tampa

In mid November 2013, Director Eric Polins wrapped up his latest Indie film in Tampa. Titled The Limbo Kings, it is destine to provide film festival audiences across America with a quirky look at the aftermath of the JFK assassination. The independent film stars such familiar faces as Michael Jay Newman, Tony Gaud, Michael Ray Davis and Jack Amos.

You may remember Newman from such movies as Littleman Tate and The Waterboy. In Polins’ indie film, he owns the role of JFK. Gaud, previously named Best Up & Coming Comic in Tampa Bay, is a regular on the comedy circuit. He gets to play Kennedy’s retribution room companion, Lee Harvey Oswald. Davis takes on the persona of the retribution agent and Amos plays the role of Ruby. Actress Stephanie Coatney, on the other hand, appears as the retribution room’s Marilyn Monroe-esque receptionist. Indie film aficionados should look for the intriguing production to hit the film festival circuit as early as 2014.
The Limbo Kings is just the latest high quality, indie film to be shot in the Tampa Hillsborough area. It also happens to be just one more gem in Director Eric Polins’ crown. Fans may remember his phenomenal success with the 2009 indie film, I Would for You. It fared very well at the Gasparilla International Film Festival, the Independent Film Festival and the Sarasota Film Festival that same year. Other memorable productions associated with the venerable industry pro include Descansos and The Lost.
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