Indie Movies On DVD: The To Do List

With the popularity of movies like Superbad and Adventureland in the past few years, the idea of the coming of age, teen angst story is back in vogue. And with that will come a plethora of movies that almost touch greatness, but sadly miss the mark. That is the case with writer/director Maggie Carey’s first full length feature, The To Do List.

The film, starring Parks and Recreation’s Aubrey Plaza, sees an academically ambitious high school graduate come to the realization that she is completely inexperienced at sex. Rather than sulk about it, she decides to look at the situation as an AP course in sexual exploration. For the rest of the film, Plaza’s character finds herself in extremely uncomfortable positions until she realizes that sex is not the complicated part of the equation, it’s all the feelings that come along with it.

First and foremost, the film has a lot of extremely funny parts. You will find yourself quoting it for months after you hae seen it. The problem though, is they do not come in a flurry but, rather, sporadically. Some scenes will have you laughing out loud the entire time while others will try hard for a big laugh but fall completely short. In the end, that is what hurts this movie the most.

If you are looking for a fun movie to see at home or with a date, the To Do List is definitely right up your alley. Don’t get your comedy expectations up too high, however, because, while funny, this movie does not always hit the mark. If you would like to learn more about indie films, please visit us at