Indie Films Released Through VOD: Has “Snowpiercer” Success Set a New Mark for Obscure Indies?

Indie film is arguably having its greatest renaissance in history right now, and the concept of crowd funding has certainly helped that along. It’s allowed numerous indie films with more obscure ideas to finally be seen by the audiences who want to see similar films in theaters. But it’s arguably jump-started other methods of distribution for indie films, like VOD (Video on Demand).

Right now, the top indie movie on iTunes through VOD is the Bong Joon-ho film “Snowpiercer”, a sociological futuristic tale of a lone train traveling throughout our world after going through a new ice age. It’s also an examination of social status based on the people who live in various levels of the traveling train.

It’s an indie film with a lot of intellectual ideas and quirkiness that you don’t get a chance to see often in theaters. The distribution for such things has also been non-existent before the age of the public being able to determine the fate of how it’s funded. But will VOD complement the concept of crowd funding as time goes on? With VOD helping “Snowpiercer” find an audience it otherwise wouldn’t have had, it could have found even more success had it gone through the crowd funding system.

Helping Distribution of Obscure Indie Films

While there may be some who think that obscure indie films in the guise of “Snowpiercer” can only attract limited audiences, being #1 on iTunes proves otherwise. It shows there’s a hunger for inventive films that pack an intellectual punch in compelling subject matter. With “Snowpiercer” touching on the battles of the haves and have-nots, plus the concept of global climate change, you can see this indie film was thinking of finding an audience first.

No matter how obscure and quirky your indie film is, it still has to have a basic backbone plot people can relate to. “Snowpiercer” does it in such a maverick way that it perhaps set a new precedent for how other filmmakers who want to do similar projects will function.

Will we see films like it show up on crowd funding sites catering to indie films? Here at, we encourage projects like this since we also work with customers on distribution methods. We all know VOD has been around a while, though it’s just now showing how offbeat films can find audiences there when given the chance. The fact that “Snowpiercer” was released there right after getting a theatrical release also shows you how a theater doesn’t have to entirely matter in finding an audience.

Contact us here at so we can tell you more about how your indie film can find successful funding on our site. We’ll also show the ropes on distribution so you can find the proper avenues to get seen, including possible VOD. You’ll soon realize any obscure plot can find an audience as long as it has a basic outline of ideas people will easily recognize in their own lives.

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