Indie Film: Romantic ideal, or Realistic Possibility?

Indie Film is a genre that is coming into its own. With the advent of smart phones revolutionizing video capability, and the presence of YouTube a possibility at every press conference, self-expression has reached new and unexpected levels of exposure.

The sophistication of audiences, however, still demands a certain level of professionalism when it comes to the presentation of an idea as a film, and that means expenditure for expertise. The packaging of a film includes all the diverse talents of acting, directing, photography, set construction, script writing, editing, and high-level diplomacy. Because of the artistic satisfaction of this creativity, and because of the potential rewards that result in achieving a widely-accepted film product, it is reasonable to expect that you can get the cooperation of actors and writers on speculation.

Writers will contribute because it will give them a chance to see their words come to life, what better magic is there? Contributing to an independent film is a chance to show that a writer has the capacity to visualize an alternate reality, and to elicit a predictable response from an otherwise anonymous mass.

Actors will contribute because it gets their face in front of the public, and begins that indescribable bond between an actor and the audience. Acting serves a creative spark like no other: the ability to create a functioning and believable personality from a collection of words on a page.

The other contributions, however, may be harder to solicit for free. The theatrical elements involved in a successful film require not only the divine touch of talent, but also the experience that comes from the sweat of innumerable hours of practice, and the competence that comes from validated previous success.

The producer of an independent film may have what it takes to be a director, but does the producer have enough family members to build sets, keep track of props, provide security on site, arrange rehearsals, and provide lunch on an extended shoot? And even if the editing resides in the head of the director, does the director have the cameras needed to come up with the necessary angles? Will the cast wait around while one person (the editor/ director/ blocker/ cook/ writer/ cameraman) puts the set back together for take two? Probably not. They will have to go to their day job sooner or later.

There is a point where a producer has to be able to give orders to people whose primary motive is making some money that day. There is a point where people have to be paid.

There is a point when film, including independent film, costs money, which is where the successful producers acknowledge the intrinsic value of a talent for marketing ideas. Many talented writers and directors are not experienced at attracting investors, but indieFilmFunding is is here to help, and can guide you in the process of bringing together the forces that make ideas materialize.

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Edward Panos