Indie Film Making: A New Mindset For A New Era

In the past, indie film makers needed to rely on Hollywood for many things—filming, marketing, distribution, etc. Basically indie movie producers were still hooked into the system even if they wanted to be totally independent. But with new technology advancements, things are different these days. Now all you need is a a few hundred dollars to invest in some high quality camera equipment and a computer. Then you can create your own indie production. You can even utilize worldwide marketing and gain followers from all over the globe. Communication has never been so advanced and the resources are there for anyone to access and use them now.

However, this also means that everyone else can do the same thing. There are many indie films made by amateurs that are cheap and low-quality. These films give the legitimate indie producers a bad reputation. People are less likely to take indie movies seriously or read an indie filmmaker’s script because they are wary of the low-quality indie films out there.

The only way to get around this is to build up your own indie film brand. Do the necessary research about your target audience and start becoming knowledgeable about marketing. No one cares about your brand like you do, so be proactive and get things done yourself. Don’t wait on having an agent, as it’s more difficult than ever to get one these days. Your film needs to be produced now, so start taking action.

Your mindset should be one of determination, dedication, and self-motivation. This is probably the toughest it’s going to be, so try and bear it during the first stages of your film making career. If you can manage to get something out there, you’ll gain some fans and have leverage for the next film you create. Learn from your mistakes and take responsibility for your movie. Don’t bog yourself down with excuses that will hinder your progress. You have the power to make things happen, so act according to that mantra. If you need any help funding your indie film, contact us at We’d love to help you out!

Thank you,

Edward Panos