The People Have Spoken! Crowd Funding is Your Ticket to Making Your Dreams Come True!

Have you ever found yourself getting angry when you look at a list of movies that are coming out in the next year? An endless list of regurgitated themes, comic book characters, or soulless reboots of ideas that have been stale for decades. What is keeping you from telling your stories? Probably just one thing, and one thing only: money. But you probably don’t have a production company to funnel copious amounts of cash towards your idea. As and independent artist, your pockets aren’t that deep. And in time, you might just give up, your ideas sitting on the shelf, your storyboards gathering dust, your scripts a vague memory awaiting the eventuality of fading into obscurity with your next computer upgrade.
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Lights, Funding, Action: The Top Five Highest-Grossing Indie Films Of 2013

As we start afresh in 2014, let’s take a look back at what the top-grossing independent films of the previous year were.
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Will the Screenplay for “Nebraska” Win Awards and Help First-Time Screen Writers?

It’s rare when writers who write a first-time screenplay for the indie market find such success as much as Bob Nelson has with his “Nebraska.” His film is a prime example of how screenwriting for the indie market can still get away with coloring (or black and whiting) outside the lines and still manage to get noticed. That’s always been the beauty of the indie film industry and a true respite for screenwriters who want to write creatively. As mainstream scripts become increasingly formulaic, the indie film market is turning more into a haven for writers who desperately want to impart more creativity.
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Funding New Ideas

Funding new artistic ideas can be a challenge in a depressed global marketplace. However, there are over 4000 film festivals a year, and someone is funding these projects that go on to be purchased by major distributors and reach out to audiences with wide acclaim. How can you fund your next big idea?
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Keep the title in mind, because we’ll be launching very soon as a new place where indie film can hone in on financing. With crowdfunding becoming a very popular concept all around the web, we always wondered how independent films fared on sites like Kickstarter or Indiegogo. While we’ve seen a number of them become successful in the last several years, they have to compete with thousands of other projects that don’t relate to film.
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Crowd Funding Can Validate A Film-Maker’s Vision

Trying to fund an independent film is not easy. One of the more effective ways to obtain funding is by using a tool called crowd funding. Many independent film producers obtain funds from the internet using crowd funding. This is a way for people all over the world to contribute to a project. Many independent film projects have been produced using this funding method.
According to an article in Forbes Magazine, “Being successful in crowdfunding…comes with a lot of effort and dedication…(it)involves a platform, an individual or entity in need of funding, and a community of people willing to collectively contribute these funds in exchange for rewards and recognition.”
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What Crowd Funding Can Do For You Beyond Providing Money for Your Indie Film

Crowd funding continues to be a concept that grows exponentially online to help creative endeavors like independent films become reality rather than stay as pipe dreams. But most people place emphasis on the funding side of the term rather than the benefits lurking behind the words. While money is certainly the backbone of how an indie film gets produced, you’re going to see many other benefits when joining the crowd funding process. Many of them are related to the “crowd” side and the advantages of connecting with people.
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Are You A Storyteller? Sharing Your Vision Is Possible with Crowd Funding!

Are you a Storyteller? If so, you probably know by now that it is harder to tell your stories than you might have ever imagined. Unless you are one of the lucky ones who has enough money jingling around in their pocket to not have to worry about holding a steady job to keep food on the table or electricity running through the house. Your work is done in the shadows, during breaks, in the small-hours when everyone else at home is asleep. Your work can be lonely, misunderstood, and unrewarded. So why do you do it?
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