Funding New Ideas

Funding new artistic ideas can be a challenge in a depressed global marketplace. However, there are over 4000 film festivals a year, and someone is funding these projects that go on to be purchased by major distributors and reach out to audiences with wide acclaim. How can you fund your next big idea?

Instead of trying to borrow money or attempting to shoot your film for nothing, you truly need to consider other avenues of funding. The motion picture industry is primarily funded by ticket sales and advertising, but small budget, independent films are funded by people who enjoy the art and want to see it thrive.
The people that you can reach throw a crowdfunding campaign are the people who truly appreciate and enjoy the cinema, who are hoping to see your big idea become a reality, and who know that just a few dollars will go a long way when everyone contributes.
You never have to say “no” to your dreams of shooting the next, big independent film. You have funding options that will take you where you from film festival to the big screen if your work is truly spectacular. You have to start somewhere, and there is no better place to start than amongst friends who enjoy the cinema as you do.
Allow us to help you begin to make your dreams become a reality. You can contact us at for more information about getting a campaign started for your next big idea. The movie industry changes every minute, and every minute that you’re crowdfunding is one more minute producing your big dream.