Female Directors in Indie Film Get a Boost with Amma Asante Boosting Her Career After “Belle”

ag-belleFemale directors in indie (and mainstream) film are still too rare of a breed that many women in the industry are saying is deliberate bias. Some of those more vocal about it have been director Lexi Alexander who wrote a scathing editorial about the lack of women in filmmaking. It was an editorial that’s still resonating now after it was published earlier this year. Regardless, the indie film world has made some inroads for women where doors are more open instead of being an 80-year male elite club in mainstream Hollywood.

One of the major talents in indie film this year has been Amma Asante who directed the film “Belle.” She managed to bring a story about a forgotten female character in history who also happened to break the color barrier. And in many ways, so has Asante as an African-American female director. “Belle” managed to tell the story of Dido Elizabeth Belle, who was an illegitimate daughter of Sir John Lindsay, a Royal Navy captain in 18th century England. She was later taken in by Lord Mansfield, an aristocrat, where she became a significant influence.

With Asante bringing a true story very few knew about, she showed how adept she is at digging through history and how many stories about women are still left to be told. It’s a strong sign for the indie film world in bringing stronger roles about women who’ve either been forgotten or invented for fictional universes.

Now with Asante reportedly getting more movie offers than she can handle, you have to wonder how mainstream she’s going to become. Is that a place where she’ll suddenly find roadblocks? Or will she able to help other women finally become stronger forces in a filmmaker role?

The Dangers of Going from Indie to Mainstream

With news that Asante is going to be doing a movie at Warner Brothers with double female leads, you have to wonder how much creative control she’ll ultimately be given. If they give her the power to do what she did with “Belle”, Asante might become the true motivator in bringing in more talented women like her.

However, she has every right to be cautious since men have had decades to develop a nepotism and a passing of the torch to fellow males in the film business. While a small few of them admit to it and want things to change, not enough make it a public issue or even mention it.

Perhaps all it really took was proof of a woman being able to make a film that would be truly profitable. Since most studios only care about profit, the fact that “Belle” made money was probably the best calling card. Fans of “Belle” will no doubt flock to Asante’s Warner Brothers project as well, hence paving a path that should be encouraging to those frustrated.

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