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The Salem Film Festival in Salem, Oregon: Combining Quality Indie Films with Legendary Filmmaker Lectures

Out of all indie film festivals around the world, the local ones can sometimes be some of the most impressive and substantive. Even if they don’t have the glitz and glamor of Cannes or the prestige of ones in the U.S., local festivals can turn out to be hidden gems that manage to bring in big names. One of those is the Salem Film Festival in Salem, Oregon. They’ve already established themselves as a perfect place to promote indie film while still attracting some legendary names to give lectures to avid film buffs and students.
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What is the Underexposed Film Festival? Celebrating the Value of Short Indie Films

The world has so many film festivals now that some can be a surprise when you hear about them for the first time. And some of those are bringing ideas that can help nurture important aspects to filmmaking not all film festivals focus on. One of those is a small festival in York County, South Carolina called the Underexposed Film Festival. Here, the short indie film is the focus as a point of showing how important this format is to the budding filmmaker and film in general.
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