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Mentorship Opportunities for Talented Indie Film Producers are Starting to Grow

CrowdfundingBeing an indie film producer today is becoming a much more exciting opportunity than it was a number of years ago. With more attention being placed on indie film and the crowd funding process rooted in the mainstream, the chances of an indie film being seen are becoming greater. That means more money made for a producer and the chances of keeping a production company in the black.
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Utah gives Hollywood a Run for its Money as Park City Film Studio Opens This Fall

imagesThe Sundance Film Festival was on of the first film festivals to showcase films in the midwest instead of New York or Hollywood. Films that debut in Utah at the Sundance Film Festival often go on to receive critical acclaim and receive prestigious awards. It makes perfect sense that Park City, Utah, famous for its incredible film festival, would also become a hotspot for creating films.
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Indie Film Making: A New Mindset For A New Era

In the past, indie film makers needed to rely on Hollywood for many things—filming, marketing, distribution, etc. Basically indie movie producers were still hooked into the system even if they wanted to be totally independent. But with new technology advancements, things are different these days. Now all you need is a a few hundred dollars to invest in some high quality camera equipment and a computer. Then you can create your own indie production. You can even utilize worldwide marketing and gain followers from all over the globe. Communication has never been so advanced and the resources are there for anyone to access and use them now.
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View Our Premiere Film “Big Finish” as a Rally for Crowdfunding and Distribution


The world of independent film still faces the perpetual problem of distribution, despite a huge indie film renaissance recently. When the idea for Indie Film Funding, Inc. started, we wanted to encourage indie filmmakers to have more control over their projects after seeking crowfunding on our site. We think we’re doing that successfully, and that includes giving the opportunity for certain films to get an audience they truly deserve. It’s one reason why we’re choosing specific films to have their premieres directly on our site so those who truly love indie film can see them.
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