Big Sky Documentary Film Festival

Big Sky
The Big Sky Documentary Film Festival is held each year in Missoula Montana. Unlike more traditional film festivals, the Big Sky festival specializes in just documentary films. They have categories and awards in four categories: Best Feature Documentary (films over forty minutes long,) Best Short Documentary (films between fifteen and forty minutes long,) Best MiniDoc (films under fifteen minutes long,) and The Big Sky Award (this award goes to the best film about the American West; films of all lengths are considered for this award.)

The winners of films in the Short and MiniDoc categories qualify to compete for selection in the Academy Awards selections for Best Short Form Documentary.

The Big Sky Film Festival takes place each year in February. If you have a film that you would like to submit to the Big Sky Film Festival, you should start getting your submission ready, because the regular deadline for submissions is September 1st with the late deadline happening October 14th.

A short format documentary film is a great way to begin your journey as a film maker. Don’t let funding be the reason you don’t make a great film. Consider crowd funding your project and you will have a built in audience for the film you create. If you want to start a film that you could submit in great film festivals like the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, please contact us, we will help you tackle your funding in the simplest way possible so you can get started crafting your film.

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