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Things to Prepare for After Submitting Your Indie Film to Film Festivals This Summer

After completing an indie film, the attempt at distribution is arguably going to be your greatest challenge so you can get your film seen by the right audience. With so many new opportunities both online and offline now, the whole process is becoming slightly easier. But submitting your indie film to film festivals is another method of getting a potentially bigger audience, even if you have the risk of the film not being accepted. However, submitting to many festivals can increase your chances your film may be picked for a screening.
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Mentorship Opportunities for Talented Indie Film Producers are Starting to Grow

CrowdfundingBeing an indie film producer today is becoming a much more exciting opportunity than it was a number of years ago. With more attention being placed on indie film and the crowd funding process rooted in the mainstream, the chances of an indie film being seen are becoming greater. That means more money made for a producer and the chances of keeping a production company in the black.
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Utah gives Hollywood a Run for its Money as Park City Film Studio Opens This Fall

imagesThe Sundance Film Festival was on of the first film festivals to showcase films in the midwest instead of New York or Hollywood. Films that debut in Utah at the Sundance Film Festival often go on to receive critical acclaim and receive prestigious awards. It makes perfect sense that Park City, Utah, famous for its incredible film festival, would also become a hotspot for creating films.
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What Makes A Film An Indie Film?

What makes a film an Indie Film? That’s a hard question to answer. Sure it’s easy to define an Independent Film-A film financed and produced independent of the Hollywood Studio system-but is that all that makes an Indie Film? If you go by the “definition” than Star Wars Episode I:The Phantom Menace is an Indie Film. And yet, Phantom Menace is hardly what comes to mind when most people think of Indie Films. So what kind of movies do come to mind?
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Time to Get Over Your Fears and Go For It! Crowd Funding – Mistakes to Avoid

There’s a good chance you have been on a social media site, such as Facebook or Twitter and saw a link to fund someone’s project. Whether it was a collection drive to send a team of rag-tag kids to a championship little league game, or maybe even a live-action web-series about your favorite video game, you might have clicked on the link and well, the rest might have fallen short of your expectations.
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