3 Things To Know About Starting An Indie Film

You’re looking to get into the indie film making industry, but before you get started there is lots of research to be done. What kind of movies do you want to make and what’s your digital marketing strategy for getting them out to the public? There are many things you need to think about and prepare for before you begin—interpersonal choices as well as matters regarding others. Let’s look at some things you should know about starting with indie film making.

1. Your First Films Will Suck

There is no way around this—your first films are going to be awful. But it’s okay. You’ll learn from these cringe-inducing practices and hone your skills. Any skill worth learning is going to take some time to master, so don’t let the bad films at the beginning discourage you. Be persistent, practice, and love what you do so you won’t give up.

2. You Should Probably Start With Shorts

Chances are you won’t have the resources to make longer films at the start of your career, so start with short films. These are easier to make resource-wise and make it simple for you as the script-writer. Shorts are great ways to get in the necessary practice to develop plots that will later become moving films. However, without these initial forays into film making, you won’t gain the skills you need to succeed. Getting your short films noticed might even land you some opportunities, like funding or more fans.

3. Get Started Even Without The Gear

You don’t have the money right now to purchase expensive recording equipment, but don’t let that stop you. Start with your camera phone if you have to. Work with what you’ve got and don’t let a lack of gear hold you back. You’ll learn a lot and expand your creativity if you struggle with limitations—you’ll be a better film maker for it.

Keep these tips in mind when starting on your indie film. You’ll face lots of failures along the way towards your dream, but these must be worked through in order to reach your goal. If you need help with your indie production, head on over to IndieFilmFunding.com and let us help!

Thank you,

Edward Panos