October 2014

Utah Film Commission Announces Upcoming Contest

2013spotonIf you are a local film maker, working on your independent film here in Utah, you are probably already aware of the Utah Film Commission and the work they do to help make productions filmed in Utah great. They are available to consult and answer questions for film makers, and they do a lot of work to let people know that Utah is a wonderful place to make films.

The Utah Film Commission has just announced that they will be holding a contest early in 2015. They will be looking for 30 second commercial spots for their “spot on” contest. Full rules and award will be announced soon, but you can get a jump on the contest by keeping it in mind while you are filming your project. If you are doing some unique or beautiful filming in Utah, take a moment out of your shoot to film your crew in action. That footage may be just what you need to win the “spot on” contest.

The Spot On Commercial Contest lists its objective as:

“To produce and direct a 30 second commercial that promotes Utah as a viable place to make motion pictures. Your spots should be written and shot to communicate a message that will be seen as important by the target audience by using different advertising techniques. Always remember to keep in mind that your goal is to attract attention, hold interest, arouse desire and motivate action.”

The Utah Film Commission website has a link where you can sign up to receive updates on the contest. If you aren’t already working on your own film project, what’s holding you back? If you’re just waiting for funding, please contact us, we can help you get the funding you need through our crowd funding solutions.

Thank you,

Edward Panos