September 2014

London Film Festival Takes Center Stage in October

bfi-london-film-festival-2014-logo-v1-1000x750International Film Festivals are an incredible way to be exposed to new films, or to get exposure for your independent film. Every October, the London Film Festival is a massive event. This October, the London Film Festival stretches over 11 days and will take place October 8th through the 19th.

The Line-Up of films was just announced on September 3rd and since they will screen 248 films on screens all over the city of London, there are too many films to list here, but people are excited about “Rosewater” which is Jon Stewart’s directorial debut that will be showing at the London Film Festival. The winner of the Sundance Film Festival “Whiplash” will also show at the London Film Festival and is expected to be received well there also.

The London Film Festival will award their Grierson award to a documentary film “with integrity, originality and social or cultural significance.” There are 12 documentary films being considered for the award this year. LFF also awards the Sutherland award to a feature film that is a directorial debut. This First Feature Film category also has twelve nominated films.

The LFF offers many master classes. This year there are master classes on documentary film making, production design, technical animation and many other subjects. This emphasis on teaching the craft of film making makes the London Film Festival a great destination for aspiring film makers.

If you would like to see your film screened at the London Film Festival, you will have to create something incredible. Your first step is funding, contact us to find out how crowd funding can get your independent film project off the ground.

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What Indie Film Will Stand Out at This Year’s Toronto International Film Festival?

Toronto_International_Film_Festival_logo.svgProof that indie film is blossoming stronger than ever will again be ably demonstrated at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival this month. The lineup of films there are probably going to be award contenders in some form or another, but it’s sometimes hard to tell until there’s a complete audience verdict.

You can break down some of the interesting things these indie films might do for the industry in a couple of different categories:
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Female Directors in Indie Film Get a Boost with Amma Asante Boosting Her Career After “Belle”

ag-belleFemale directors in indie (and mainstream) film are still too rare of a breed that many women in the industry are saying is deliberate bias. Some of those more vocal about it have been director Lexi Alexander who wrote a scathing editorial about the lack of women in filmmaking. It was an editorial that’s still resonating now after it was published earlier this year. Regardless, the indie film world has made some inroads for women where doors are more open instead of being an 80-year male elite club in mainstream Hollywood.
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Things to Prepare for After Submitting Your Indie Film to Film Festivals This Summer

After completing an indie film, the attempt at distribution is arguably going to be your greatest challenge so you can get your film seen by the right audience. With so many new opportunities both online and offline now, the whole process is becoming slightly easier. But submitting your indie film to film festivals is another method of getting a potentially bigger audience, even if you have the risk of the film not being accepted. However, submitting to many festivals can increase your chances your film may be picked for a screening.
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