July 2014

Storyteller: Don’t Stifle Creativity Because of Budget

A woman races down the pavement fear etched across her face. She fights to control her breathing but the footsteps chasing behind her has her anxiety levels peaked. Fear can be the death of you or your salvation. She is determined to attain the latter. She darts out into the street. A car horn blares in anger as it barely misses her. Her assailant is too close. A few more feet and he’ll be on top of her and God only knows what will come. Her lungs burn like acid. Her body aches as if it had been beaten. She pushes forward. A hard shove knocks her face down. She screams in terror, arms flinging wildly. It takes her a minute to realize no one is upon her. She turns toward the street and is mesmerized by the flames engulfing the night sky. Mayhem has struck. A passenger van has slammed into a fuel truck. Beneath its wheels lie her assailant, crushed to the bone. From her position the scene seems surreal. Pedestrians flee from the chaos in panic but despite the destruction, she is at peace. The fuel truck explodes one last time in finality.
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