June 2014

Actors in Indie Film Funding Have a Compatible Agenda

Actors are everywhere in television, movies, legitimate theater, commercials, community playhouses and state fairs. Many, many people aspire to acting talent, and it’s easy to get lost in the fantasy of being someone else. In fact, getting an actor to volunteer for an amateur indie film could be an easy sell. Many will be willing to defer payment until and unless the film makes money of its own.
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3 Indie Filmmaking Tips To Put Vision Over Technology

Indie films are often known for emphasizing technology over substance. Obviously, not all indie films do this, but there are some that give other indie films a bad name. You can see the lack of film editing in some indie productions when they refuse to cut scenes down or focus entirely too much on lens flares and effects, to the point of distracting from the main point. Let’s look at some tips to help indie directors avoid getting distracted by technology so they can focus on the important aspects of the movie they’re making.
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Are Crowd Funding Guides Necessary, Or Should You Learn from Trial and Error?

Crowd funding is such a ubiquitous term now that everybody seems to know what it is, yet not everybody knows the details. With that thought in mind, some crowd funding sites have insisted on helping people with crowd funding by printing how-to guides helping them navigate the complexities of asking for money. But should crowd funding be done as a trial and error process rather than following a set of uniform rules? When it comes to funding an indie film, situations are going to be different for each person depending on the type of project and how much money needs to be raised. There’s also the element of marketing beforehand that makes the process of crowd funding fall into place once it actually transpires.
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