June 2014

3 Things To Know About Starting An Indie Film

You’re looking to get into the indie film making industry, but before you get started there is lots of research to be done. What kind of movies do you want to make and what’s your digital marketing strategy for getting them out to the public? There are many things you need to think about and prepare for before you begin—interpersonal choices as well as matters regarding others. Let’s look at some things you should know about starting with indie film making.
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Online Marketing Strategies for Your Indie Film

So you’ve taken that giant leap and completed your first indie film. All it took was pushing, pulling, a lot of mistakes, and little sleep. Through all of the challenges you are finally done. Now how do you get it seen?

With this great creation known as the internet you no longer need major distributors to sell your film. The changes in audience viewing has allowed for the “little man” to experience great success in marketing their films online. Below are steps to bettering your online marketing strategy therefore increasing your audience viewership.
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Three Indie Flicks That Embody the Art of Film Editing

Chances are you’ve seen a movie that had you reeling at its brilliance as the credits roll. But why? What is it about a movie that captivates our attention so completely that we end up ignoring necessary bodily functions, professional responsibilities and familial obligations? It could have been the cast, the cinematography, the dialogue or the soundtrack.

More likely than not, it was the combined harmony of all four cinematic elements. The juxtaposition of a spectacular shot with dramatic music, intriguing characters and thought provoking dialogue. There’s only one way all these aspects combine to create the movies you love: the process of film editing.

These independent films put hum-drum Hollywood editing to shame.
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