April 2014

Will Indie Film Directors Make a Successful Transition to Mainstream Features?

Indie directors truly work in a different world from what’s usually seen in the mainstream film arena. Everything from the budget, to production equipment, to even creative meddling from suits works differently when working in the mainstream compared to the indie circuit. And while the lines may be blurring now due to so many indies getting Oscars, will this red line be crossed by more indie directors?
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The Salem Film Festival in Salem, Oregon: Combining Quality Indie Films with Legendary Filmmaker Lectures

Out of all indie film festivals around the world, the local ones can sometimes be some of the most impressive and substantive. Even if they don’t have the glitz and glamor of Cannes or the prestige of ones in the U.S., local festivals can turn out to be hidden gems that manage to bring in big names. One of those is the Salem Film Festival in Salem, Oregon. They’ve already established themselves as a perfect place to promote indie film while still attracting some legendary names to give lectures to avid film buffs and students.
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What is the Underexposed Film Festival? Celebrating the Value of Short Indie Films

The world has so many film festivals now that some can be a surprise when you hear about them for the first time. And some of those are bringing ideas that can help nurture important aspects to filmmaking not all film festivals focus on. One of those is a small festival in York County, South Carolina called the Underexposed Film Festival. Here, the short indie film is the focus as a point of showing how important this format is to the budding filmmaker and film in general.
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Will Legendary Indie Film Directors Start Using Crowd Funding for New Movie Projects?

Crowd funding continues to be a solid way for filmmakers to get their films known, even if they may not be known themselves. And while first-time filmmakers should attempt to market themselves to gain better traction on getting funding, what about the established names out there? It hasn’t been lost on them that crowd funding is becoming a major passageway to getting a film realized without needing to woo studios or other major backers. In some cases, it may just be used as added funding to help in post production rather than using the money to fund everything.

One of those stories right now is the legendary indie filmmaker Alexandre Rockwell. Film School Rejects recently did a piece about how he’s using Crowd-funding to fund a new indie project. In that piece, Rockwell utters an interesting quote that might have a lot of truth. He notes that John Cassevetes would have likely used crowd-funding had he still been alive now and making new movies.

Is it true that some of the legendary indie filmmakers of the past would be using crowd-funding sites like ours here at Indie Film Funding? It’s been a real blessing to ones that are still living, and they’re starting to use it regularly now outside of Alexandre Rockwell above. But will they find it an easy road ahead in crowd-funding, or do they face the same challenges as any first-time filmmaker?

What’s in a Name?

To some people, great indie filmmakers might not even be known to them. Rockwell might not necessarily be a household name to all, though anyone that’s been into indie film regularly would certainly recognize his name. Nevertheless, someone like Cassevetes or even Orson Welles are still easily household names who conducted their film careers independently out of necessity.

Can you imagine how many more films could have been made by Welles had crowd funding been around back in the 1950s? His financing woes on getting later projects realized is worthy of a movie on its own. Considering his stature had already been locked through the studio system, crowd funding would have been the ultimate victory for Welles today.

The stark difference is in that name recognition and whether the public would really know the background of a Rockwell or other behind-the-scenes indie filmmaker. Those filmmakers may have to place their resumes on their crowd funding pages to prove their clout to the public.

In some ways, it may be a good thing that the great indie filmmakers of today will be right alongside the neophytes vying for cash on their first-time projects. They can all be in the trenches together and feel like they’re part of a free marketplace when it comes to which film is more worthy of financing over another.

Here at Indie Film Funding, Inc., we encourage all first-time filmmakers and legends alike to come use our crowd funding service. We’re now live and here to give full focus to indie film funding as it deserves to be. At least we can help provide to filmmakers what should have been available decades ago had technology sped up.

Contact us if you have any questions about how to get started.

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