December 2013

Athena Film Festival Offers Opportunities for Young Female Directors

You couldn’t choose a more appropriate place than Barnard College-with its long heritage of illustrious alumnae-for a film festival dedicated to female leadership and achievement. That’s precisely what Kathryn Kolbert, director of Barnard’s Athena Center for Leadership Studies, and Melissa Silverstein founder of Women and Hollywood thought when they created the festival in 2010.
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Director Jason Priestley’s Cas & Dylan Opens the Whistler Film Festival

Jason Priestley probably doesn’t mind that he’ll always be known as Brandon Walsh from Beverly Hills, 90210. His most loyal fans probably know that he’s also been a director since those days, starting with episodes of 90210 way back in 1993. His latest project as a director is Cas & Dylan, a comedy with sentimental overtones. Set in Western Canada, where Priestley grew up, the 90-minute film was a natural choice to open the Whistler Film Festival, in Whistler, British Columbia, on December 4.
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Why Go With Crowd Funding?

Are you having trouble getting financing for your indie film? Crowd funding could be the way to go. The concept is nothing new: In 17th-century Germany, there was a subscription system called Praenumeration, which was used to finance books. The first rock band tour to be crowd-funded was for the British group Marillion, in 1997, done entirely by their US fanbase. Then, in 2001, ArtistShare launched their “pioneering crowd-financing platform” for musical artists, thus pioneering a new era of online crowd funding. But why should you choose crowd funding as a source of financing for your film?
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