November 2013

Producers Run a Festival to Give Indies 15 Minutes of Fame

Ray and Migdalia Etheridge don’t expect to become big names in the film industry, but they’ve been producing what they call “micro-budget” movies for years—films that, in some cases, cost less than $2500 to make. They shoot in their garage, in their living room, in their backyard…because when you’re a producer you produce, whether you have a studio or a location budget or not.

Because they know that there are plenty of other filmmakers working on film projects with modest funds, in 2009 they launched the 15 Minutes of Fame Film Festival, a three-day event in Brevard County, Florida, that showcases short films of all genres. This year’s festival included 40 films from the United States and countries around the world.
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Arab Film Festival Making Waves in San Diego

Arab countries sometimes get a bad wrap here in the West. Thanks to the tumultuous headlines and political upheavals constantly stealing the spotlight, people associate the Middle East with violence and ceaseless conflict.

However, there is much more going on in that part of the world than what we see in the news. Thanks in part to the Arab Spring as well as efforts in Arab countries to demonstrate more of their artistic culture to the world, Arab cinema is beginning to make a name for itself.
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Looking To Obtain Indie Film Funding? Budgeting Your Storyline Can Help

Writing an independent film or screenplay may seem like a fun way to spend a rainy weekend. While it certainly can be, writing one that gets read by folks other than your loving family and friends is much more of a challenge! Writers who take this craft seriously know that hard work can pay off, but it can also be frustrating to produce an independent film worthy to show at the annual Sundance Film Festival. Having some inside knowledge of how to write your story so it will attract the eye of an indie film funding company is key. Continue reading

What Is a Script?

A script is an outline, depicting the visual, aural, and behavioral elements of a story. A script is loose, with room for creative collaboration. There are many artists involved in the completion of a film including the director, cast, editor, and production crew. Each with their own interpretation and spin to put on the final out come. When a script is put into action the writer may or may not be involved in the process. Additional writers may also be brought in, and re-writes will most likely occur. Continue reading